खुप काही सांगायचं👈 होत 

ते मनातच❤️ राहून गेल,

होणाऱ्या तुझ्या चाहुलिंचा😍

आभास होणच राहून गेल,

एकत्र 💑राहून आयुष्य

अनुभवायच राहून गेल,

आणि ह्या सगळ्या गर्त्तेत

आपलं जगायचच 😔राहून गेल……..!!!!!!



Hi guys,

         This blog is not at all related to the feeling called guilt😔 first thing it’s not just a feeling its an internal realization of the mistakes which are knowingly or unknowingly done by us at any situation where we cant even stand at all but still we have to face this one as we all have did same once in a while in our life….. !!

             Realization of guilt is one of the most important feeling in the world coz it teaches us how you did wrong thing in past and how the way you behaved during that phase with someone. How the way you judged that situation, This is one of the great task that has been performed by us in a life and which require lots of guts to face and sustain insuch a worst condition….!!!!!!

If we already know the result of something and still we are doing the same thing then its not the realization of guilt its a premature👈 mistake….!!!!

             We humans normally got hurted by some of the silly things and then we itself start thinking that whatever happened was just because of our mistakes and we are solely responsible for it. We start assuming that we are guilty and we start living in that wrong prejudice of mind. if you are thinking the same then no its wrong totally why should we blame ourself as this is just a normal thing which happend coincidentally and will happen in future too.

             We never accept the mistakes which are done by us only just because someone will punish or scold us and just to hide that mistake we start living in that guilt and we are that much selfish that we hesitate to apologize for the same thats how we are..!!!!

           There are lot many things in this world which we don’t even explored, seen, heard or experienced we don’t even know that such things exists yes its strange but its true only why to blame ourself if when we have lot many things to do so

  • Its always better to apologize the mistakes on the same time instead of living in guilt for that mistake forever otherwise that guilt itself will not keep you alive inside.



Once again rain has decided to fall,

Falling like flawless as never before,

Once again I have decided to have the company of that umbrella,.

But that umbrella don’t want my company
I have started walking alone in that heavy rainfall..

Coz that company was not in my destiny….!!!!




#love #affection #we #together

तू आहेस तर काय घरदार आणि समाज,

तू आहेस तर काय चंद्र, सूर्य आणि तारा,

तू आहेेस तर काय विरहाचा मजला त्रास,

तू आहेस तर काय सातासमुद्राच्या लाटा आणि थाट,

तू आहेस तर काय ते गुपित आणि न बोललेले शब्द,

तू आहेस तर काय भीती जगाची आणि लोकांची,

तू आहेस तर सगळ आहे

तू आहेस तर,

तू आहेस तर


#moments #कट्टा #नि:स्वार्थ #गप्पाटप्पा #मौजमजा #शिव्या #हसणं #रडणं

मनातलं अचूक ओळखणारी ती मैत्री,💕
न सांगता झटणारी ती मैत्री,

परवानगी न घेता शिवी देणारी ती मैत्री,😛

समजू न देता सगळं काही करणारी ती मैत्री,

स्वार्थासाठी जागा नसणारी ती मैत्री,✌

दोष स्वत:वर ओढ़वुन साथ निभावणारी ती मैत्री,

कोणालाही नाराज न करणारी ती मैत्री,

न बोलता चहाच बिल भरणारी ती मैत्री,🙋

एकत्र जेवायला बसणारी ती मैत्री,

कट्यावर गप्पा रंगवणारी ती मैत्री,

एकत्र फिरायला जायला भाग पाडणारी ती मैत्री,

सॉरी आणि थैंक यू वर बहिष्कार टाकणारी ती मैत्री,😇

प्रेमापेक्षा जास्त रडवणारी ती मैत्री,😢

उतारवयात साथ देणारी ती मैत्री,

आणि शेवटच्या घटका मोजत असताना तिरडीला खांदा देणारी अशी ती मैत्री,👇👇👇

            👉कदीही, केव्हाही , कुठेही💕💕


​अबोल मी 
बोलकी तू,

लाजरा मि 

बिनधास्त तू,

असत्य मी 

सत्य तू,

ताल मी 

गीत तू,

पश्चातापी मी

 स्वाभिमानी तू,

मिनमिनता दिवा मी

धगधगती वात तू,

अस्तास जाणारा सूर्य मी

सूर्योदय होणारी नवी पहाट तू,

अबोल मी

बोलकी तू,  ☺😊