Itz been a day with full of twists and turns but still we managed and overcome all the obstacles to complete this trek. I still remembered that it was our 9th trek and we all frnds were planning to visit since last few months as we all are busy in our daily routine but one day we managed this trip and made it worthy.

As we all know this fort is known as ”prachandgadh” (प्रचंडगड) as it has high mountains and peaks this was the 1st fort which has been won by Shivaji Mahaaraj and from then it is known as Torana because it was a (तोरण of हिंदवी स्वराज्य). There are two machis (माची)on the fort namely Budhla maachi and Zunzhar maachi both are huge and having tough rocks each one is having different and risky path to reach there but once you reach there you will never regret as the construction and views u will see there is simply inexpressible and worthy.we can see Rajgad(राजगड) easily from zunzhar (झुंझार) maachi. One temple is also there of goddess toranjaai (तोरणजाई) where you can rest a while and can continue your trek.Trekkers are also staying there for nights as they are simultaneously doing both the treks of tornaa and rajgaad.

As this is being a huge fort of Maharashtra so all trekkers and fort lovers are attracted towards this fort keeping one thing in mind that this is public property so we need to keep it neat and clean with this motto lots of people visiting this fort to accomplish the same goal.

Its around 60 kms from Pune via Bangalore highway towards Nasarapur (नसरापुर) and directly to Velhe (वेल्हे) village from that village it takes more that 4 hrs to reach on top of the fort with many small paths( पाय वाट).

Once in a while we all must need to visit this beautiful fort with full of natural beauty and those who love heights they all will have a great deal with nature


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