The way we had misunderstandings,

I don’t liked it,
The way it continued,

I don’t liked it,

The way we broken our relationship,

I don’t liked it,

The way we cried together

I don’t liked it,

The way we seperated

I don’t liked it,

The way We both are regretting

I don’t liked it,

I don’t liked it………




Dear Crush,

The way you are smiling

I liked it,

The way you are talking

I liked it,

The way your hairs are flattering

I liked it,

The way you are making innocent face 

I liked it,

The way you are looking towards me

I liked it,

The way you are hiding your feelings

I liked it,

The way you missed me

I liked it,

I liked it.

Yours lovingly,



My Dear Past,


I appreciate your betrayal..

Beacause your that step gave me strength to move on in my life.

And with that only I achieved something which i want, realy thank you so much for being part of my life….

I will miss your betrayal till my last breath…

Yours Lovingly, 



Hi friends,

Itz been a great experience for all the carporate employees where each one wants some space to relief where all tension and work load will elapsed and should have a some fun with team mates and friends and that place is nothing but an cafeteria where we all express our thouhts and views on the different topics though we dont have full knowledge of that lol but its true…we are debating there, discussing personal stuff there, capturing lots of pictures and memories there, laughing, crying, celebrating birthdays and many more with a cup of single tea or cofffee am I right yes, I am.

We all are going to office everyday with as usual we are going but when it comes to an snacks time or  tea break we feel that internal vibe of happiness that gives us the some internal motivation to work for the whole day might be I am wrong but somehow its worthy👈 i know.

  • The cafetaria will always be witnessing the time you spend there and for that memories where you all gathered and had a great fun thats it for the cafetaria hope you might will have experienced the same which are experienced by many… Lol😊😊😊


How should I swear to my own shadow as I am cursed of its company,

Though we are together but actually we are not together,
You chosen your path and I am still there lone and pathless,

Still I swear that You will miss my existence my dear shadow…

My dear shadow……..


​शपथ तुला आठवनींची अन त्या आठवनिंच्या साठवनीची,

शपथ तुला स्वप्नांची,अन त्या स्वप्नांच्या सानिध्याची,

शपथ तुला रंगांची,

अन त्या रंगांच्या उधळन्याची,

शपथ तुला ह्या देहाची,

अन ह्या देहाच्या कणाकणाची,

शपथ तुला माझ्या आयुष्याची,

अन त्या माझ्या आयुष्याच्या सर्वस्वाची……..

शपथ तुला……..

शपथ तुला……..


अशाच  एका दूर देशी न्यावे तुला एकटीच पहारा नसावा कुणाचा फक्त तू आणि मीच,

चालत रहावे आपण त्या निस्तब्ध झुळुकीत, 

 न तु काही बोलायचे न मि काही म्हणायचे,  

असाव्या फक्त त्या आठवनींचा ठेवा, 

अन भावनांचा ओलावा, 

अशाच एका दूर देशी न्यावे तुला एकटीच.